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Lush Day Spa

Life Long Health with Lush Day SPA

Anatolian Massage

Feel like a Sultan, starting with foot massage treatment combines Eastern and Western massage techniques moving you to a World of serenity.

Swedish Massage

This is a relaxing style of bodywork involving the major muscle groups. Swedish technique soothes sore muscles, relieves fatigue and improves circulation.

Deep spor Massage

After playing hard at your favorite activity, unwind with a therapist who will perform an intense deep tissiue massage, combined with active and passive movements of the joints and with energizing essential oils.

Aromaterapi Massage

Experience the benefit of entire body and face massage with special oil blends to physical and emotional relaxation.

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is focused mainly on the feet and hands.It is a method of stimulating the reflex points which relax and rejuvenate each and every part of the body.Massaging the pressure points in the feet and hands allows the nerve network to boost the immune system and improve the physical body.

Cellulite Massage

The massage to reduce and remove cellulite , works with the combination of skin rubbing, kneading and twisting. When this is done, lymphatic drainage may occur. In doing this, the affected cellulite areas can see an increase in circulation and also the cellulite may get softer and fade out in a period of time.

Gold Massage

This massage has been developed to offer something luxurious and unique to our guests. The massage oil contains püre gold particles, which will be massaged into your skin, and will not be visible after the procedure. Gold is able to bind 300 times its own weight in moisture and therefore helps to tighten the skin and has a cooling and protecting effect against inflammation.

Massage Type Price
30 min. 60 min. 90 min.
Anatolian Massage - 75 € 100 €
Swedish Massage 40 € 60 € -
Deep Sport Massage - 70 € 95 €
Aromaterapi Massage 40 € 60 € -
Reflexology Massage 45 € 70 € -
Cellulite Massage 45 € 70 € -
Gold Massage 50 € 80 € -


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